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8499 Virginia Avenue
Riviera Beach, MD 21122-3097
Parish office: 410-255-4646
Parish fax: 410-437-5191
Religious Ed: 410-255-4646
School: 410-255-4750

Knights of Columbus

Monsignor Raymond P. Kelly Council 10966

Officers and Directors for
Fraternal Year 2017-2018

Chaplain: Msgr. Carl Cummings, 410-255-4646
Grand Knight: John Collins (PGK), 410-585-5720
Deputy Grand Knight: Brian Griffiths, 410-439-9156
Chancellor: Philip Knauer, 410-437-9725
Warden: Russ Hewitt, 443-517-3375
Financial Secretary: Jack Fowler (PGK, FDD), 410-437-1812
Treasurer: Ray Liebenthal, 410-255-5504
Recorder: Don Kerr (PGK), 410-437-2659
Advocate: Rick Wilburt (PFN), 410-768-1870
Lecturer: Mike Ragolio (FDD, PGK, PFN), 410-255-8695
Outside Guard: Joseph C. Del Signore, 410-255-5614
Inside Guard: Edward Mailkinski, 410-437-0092
Trustee 3rd Year: Craig Miller (PGK), 410-437-8086
Trustee 2nd Year: Rick Przybylski (PGK), 443-506-9566
Trustee 1 Year: Jack Schuster (PGK), 410-255-6751


Fraternal Year Previous Grand Knights
Charter-1993 Robert Cleckner, Sr., FDD, FDW, PGK
1993-1994 Robert Cleckner, Sr., FDD, FDW, PGK
1994-1995 Leonard A. Switala Jr, PGK
1995-1996 Duane Johnson, PGK
1996-1997 J. Edgar Walton, PGK
1997-1998 George J. Markelonis, PGK
1998-1999 George J. Markelonis, PGK
1999-2000 Michael Dunn, PGK
2000-2001 John Smith, PGK
2001-2002 Skip Abrams, PGK
2002-2003 Jack Fowler, PGK, FDD
2003-2004 Mike Little, PGK
2004-2005 Chuck Carnabuci, PGK
2005-2006 Dave Lemons, PGK
2006-2007 Sam Wright, PGK
2007-2008 Johnnie Aquirre, PGK
2008-2009 Mike Ragolio, PGK
2009-2010 Frank Bohdal Jr., PGK
2010-2011 Bob Friesen, PGK
2011-2012 Don Kerr, PGK
2012-2013 Ken Borkmann, PGK
2013-2014 Daniel Sojos, PGK
2014-2015 Rick Przybylski, PGK
2015-2016 Craig Miller, PGK
2016-2017 Jack Schuster, PGK

Star CouncilCharter Member of the Council

Our Honored Deceased - Requiescat in pace!
Leonard A. Switala Jr, PGK September 30, 2017
Joseph Cook September 15, 2014
Glen Bendzen July 1, 2014
Francis Luber February 26, 2014
David E. Dunphy July 19, 2013
Joseph S. Turchetta October 14, 2012
John R. Griffith June 20, 2008
Frank Barkowiak May 2, 2008
Joseph O'Connor, III May 23, 2007
Bernard Campbell January 2, 2007
Ashby Jenkins, Jr January, 2006
Dick Hanna November 11, 2005
Jim O'LearyCharter Member March 9, 2004
Nelson ThomasCharter Member July 24, 2003
Mike Gilligan May 27, 2003
Jimmy E. Sugh April 22, 2003
George Yankulov February 27, 2003
George H. WagnerCharter Member April 10, 2000
S/K Vincent P. Cincinnati, FDD, PGK February 18, 1999
Frederick C. ByrnesCharter Member October 25, 1998
S/K Robert Cleckner, Sr., FDD, FDW, PGKCharter Member October 3, 1997
Charter Member of the Council

Strip of the Maryland State Flag

By-Laws of Council 10966

Council Payment Request

Fr. Michael McGivney, Founder

Fr. Michael McGivney, Founder of the Knights of Columbus


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