Confirmation - laying on of hands

Sacraments are visible signs instituted by Christ to give us grace. The grace that flows from each sacrament is specific to the sacrament itself. In confirmation, the grace deepens and strengthens our faith so that it is strong enough not only for our needs but also for the needs of others. This grace helps us see our responsibility to the church and to our neighbors and the strength to act on those responsibilities.

Young People: At St. Jane’s, we offer the Sacrament of Confirmation to our youth once they have entered High School. Our High School Confirmation program begins in the fall and will Confirm Late Winter/ Early Spring.

We ask parents to come by and meet with the Confirmation Coordinator for about a half hour prior to classes beginning. Our Goal at this meeting will be to learn a bit more about your child and your family, and also to discuss the family’s role and the Church’s role in preparing for this Sacrament. Once we have met and your family discerns that the next step in your child’s faith life is Confirmation, then we provide all the information necessary for that year’s program.

Please Contact Melissa Boyle for more information. 410-255-4646 x1402

Adults: Contact the parish office to sign up for preparation for the Adult Confirmation.

Confirmation documents:

Biblical references for Confirmation