“Without the Eucharist, the Church simply does not exist.”

We are asked to participate fully in Mass each week, and here at St. Jane Frances, we strive to do just that. Full participation can be simply coming to Mass a little early so you can settle in and focus. Perhaps it can mean reading ahead of time the readings of the day.

But sometimes, so that Mass runs smoothly, a little more may be asked. Consider asking the Holy Spirit what gifts he may be asking you to share.

Extraordinary Ministers
of Holy Communion

Most Masses require Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) help so that the distribution of Holy Communion can go smoothly. This ministry requires an interview with Father and training.



Lectors are asked to prepare to proclaim the readings each week. Training is offered, and our goal is to have lectors read twice a month if they are able.

St. Jane Frances Adult Choir


When we sing, we pray twice! If you have a gift for singing (or any other musical talent), consider sharing it with the community.

Choir Director/Organist – Robert Henry | robert.henry@archbalt.org