Go and make disciples of all nations…

Jesus (Matthew 28:19)

What is “3 in 1?”

3 in 1 is a personal commitment to reach out to “3 people in 1 year.” Share your faith with them, invite them to Mass or a pastorate event (such as the talks below or the “Pastorate Events” in the bulletin/Flocknote, etc. 3 in 1 is NOT a “ministry” with required meetings. It’s nothing else to add to your busy schedule. It’s a commitment to change the world as an everyday part of your life… to get used to regularly personally inviting people to encounter Jesus in the life of the Church. It’s evangelization as a way of life.

If you’re thinking, “I’m not involved with anything at the parish that I can invite people to,” 3 in 1 is for you. Notice that our bulletins and Flocknotes are FILLED with many spiritual and social events and ministry opportunities for you to participate in. Now is the time to step forward in your life of faith. If no one personally invites you, invite yourself! And personally invite someone to come with you. If you’re thinking, “I’m already involved in parish life,” 3 in 1 is for you! Don’t merely come by yourself to your ministry gatherings or pastorate events—invite someone to join you.

“Life’s 3 Most Important Questions” Talk Series

Open to parishioners and especially Guests

1. Does God Exist?

“What about suffering and evil? … and science?”
• Monday, Oct 16, 2023, 7pm at St. Jane Frances

2. Who is Jesus?

“Is Jesus historical? Aren’t all religions the same? Why did Jesus have to die?”
• Monday, Oct 23, 2023, 7pm at Our Lady of the Chesapeake

3. Why the Catholic Church?

“Isn’t Jesus all I need?” “The Church is just a man-made institution.” “I’m spiritual, not religious.”
• Monday, Oct 30, 2023, 7pm at St. Jane Frances.

3 in 1 Kickoff & Workshop (optional)

Become Equipped. “How to Lead People to Convert Themselves to Jesus Christ,” presented by Fr. Jim. Learn practical tips for personal sharing, extending invitations, and overcoming apprehension regardless of your personality type.
Same Workshop, two dates:
• Oct 9, 7–8:30pm at Our Lady of the Chesapeake
• Oct 14, 10–11:30am at St. Jane Frances

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few… ”

Jesus (Matthew 9:37)