Alpha: The Marriage Course

Sept. 28, 2022 – The Alpha Marriage Course is 7 date nights designed to help couples invest in their relationship and build a stronger marriage. You will enjoy a meal together with other couples to socialize if you wish, and then have a Couple private table, to watch a video with personal time with your spouse for conversation.

What can we expect?

  1. Eat together
    Each session begins with couples eating together. This gives guests a chance to unwind and connect before the session’s episode. It also helps to create the atmosphere of a date.
  2. Watch episode
    The episodes are around 45 minutes in length, with breaks for conversations. Each episode explores a different topic through real experiences, expert insights, and relevant teaching.
  3. Talk privately
    Providing space for couples to have private, intimate conversations is a must for every course. It helps enable couples to engage openly and honestly throughout the session.

Session Topics

  • Session 1: Sept 28, 6pm, Building Strong Foundations
  • Session 2: October 12, 6pm, The Art of Communication
  • Session 3: October 19, 6pm, Resolving Conflict
  • Session 4: October 26, 6pm, The Power of Forgiveness
  • Session 5: November 9, 6pm, The Impact of Family—Past and Present
  • Session 6: November 16, 6pm, Marital Intimacy
  • Session 7: November 30, 6pm, Love in Action

For more information and to let us know your are coming, please call:
Ken and Rosie Katafiasz at 410-382-8201