Meals for Moms

Are you willing to periodically prepare and deliver a meal to a family with a new baby? New moms in our parish need your help! To find out more, contact Susannah Kipke at

Rides to Mass

Pastoral Visits

Welcoming Committee

To feel welcome is the most comforting feeling a family can be blessed with upon their arrival at a new home and parish. This committee was started to accomplish that very important and extremely pleasurable task.

The purpose of the Welcoming Committee is to make personal contact with each newly registered parishioner soon after registration. The goals of this initial contact are, first and foremost, to welcome them to the parish, and then to provide useful information about St. Jane Frances Parish. This contact will be made by way of a phone call. The call will be followed up with the mailing of an information folder which provides additional facts about each organization and ministry functioning in the Parish.

New parishioners are encouraged to read the material, think about each opportunity presented to them, and hopefully find something which appeals to them and then volunteer to join and help that particular group.