Marriage is a Sacrament (a visible sign instituted by Christ to give grace)

The visible sign is the exchange of vows between the couple. The grace conferred is very specific to this union.  Grace to help spouses live day in and day out with each other each with their faults and personality differences and to help them help each other become saints.  The grace is also given for raising children since their souls have been entrusted to their parents.

Couples are asked to contact a priest or deacon at least six months prior to the marriage date. St. Jane Frances uses Sponsor couples for Marriage Preparation of engaged couples.

Marriage Preparation

Sacramental MarriageIn this ministry, one experienced and well-trained, married couple meets in their own home with one engaged couple. They agree to gather for several sessions (usually five) to develop the engaged couple’s understanding of Christian Marriage and increase their awareness of each other’s values and attitudes.


Biblical references for Marriage