“His Hands”—an apostolate of service to others

New! Calling all men to be “His Hands”—an apostolate of service to others

Join us one Saturday a month for prayer, fellowship, food and manual labor as we help those in need in doing yard work, organizing, cleaning, painting, etc. All jobs will be chosen by our pastor.

Let’s help others, change lives, and have fun at the same time! Invite other men to join us, and if you get a positive response, please send Dave Horvath their address and phone number. We will meet at St. Jane Frances school library for coffee & doughnuts at 9:00 on the day of the job. We will car pool to the job and work until 12:00 noon, have a lunch break, and work until 3:00pm at the latest. If the work is not completed, we will schedule it for later.

There will be 5 volunteer positions that we will have. These positions will be open for volunteering for each job we do. That way, no one is obligated to fill a position for a long term. I am sure that not everyone will be available for every job, and this way the ministry is self-sustaining.

  1. Coordinator: Asks the team for a volunteer tool man. Meets with the host at the job site along with the tool man and goes over the tasks needed to be done. Sets the date for the job and e-mails the team for volunteers. Oversees the other volunteer positions and delegates at the job site.
  2. Tool man: Goes with the coordinator when he meets the host and determines the tools needed for the job. He e-mails the team with the tools required.
  3. Food man: Finds out how many men have volunteered for the job, and supplies coffee and doughnuts for the morning and lunch for the afternoon(sandwiches, chips and waters).
  4. Prayer man: Morning prayer and a scripture passage. Lunch prayer and next Sunday’s gospel reading.
  5. Camera man: Takes pictures on the job site of the team working and later sends them to the team and Fr. Jim.

Youth are invited, too!

In today’s society, boys are easily led astray by peer pressure, social media, and a lack of male mentorship. This is an epidemic of catastrophic consequences. Part of our duty as baptized Catholic men is to be role models for youth. We need to not only show them the beauty of our faith, but also the importance of acting on that faith. As Catholic men, we are called to help the poor and unfortunate. This ministry is a great opportunity to get boys involved! As a requirement of the Archdiocese, all men involved in the His Hands ministry should be Virtus trained for working with youth. It is a simple procedure involving questions and a background check that can be done online. All of our volunteers are Virtus certified. Please prayerfully consider enrolling by going to https://www.virtusonline.org.

Would you like to make a difference in our community?

Contact Dave Horvath at 301-213-1197 or birdshopdave@aol.com.