How to Re-open our Church


  1. Wear a Mask: Masks help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and help keep people safe.
    • Masks MUST BE worn at all times inside the Church, even as you are leaving the building.
    • For Communion: Pull your mask down and then place it back over your mouth. Please do NOT remove your mask completely.
  2. Hand Sanitizing: When entering and exiting the Church, please make sure to sanitize your hands.
    • Sanitizing stations will be at the entrance and exits of the Church.
  3. Use Restrooms before you come to Church: The restrooms will be open for use, however, it is strongly encouraged that you use the restrooms before coming to Church. If using the restrooms, please follow the signs in the bathroom for sanitizing instructions.

When arriving to Church:

  1. Which doors will be open?
    • Please use the FRONT entrance of the Church.
    • Handicap doors will be open to anyone who needs to use the RAMP.
    • The doors closest to the Rectory, will not be available for entrance. This will help us to keep count of the number of people are in the Church.
  2. Please follow the instructions of the Ushers and greeters.
    • Ushers will be filling in the pews beginning in the front of the Church and moving backwards. Please be FLEXIBLE with where you are asked to sit.
    • As usual, Ushers will escort your pew forward when it is time for your turn to go up to Communion.

Holy Communion:

Communion Lines will exit pews closest to the windows. We will NOT use the center aisles as means to receiving Communion; only to return to your pew.

  • You will exit from the pew on the side closest to the window, and continue to keep social distancing (tape will be on floor) between the person in front of you.
  • Please keep the 6 feet distance between each person.
  • Proceed to the front. There you will have the opportunity to place your collection envelope in a basket as well as receive Holy Communion.

Changes within the Mass:

  1. Singing: There will not be singing at Mass.
    • This will prevent the spread of the coronavirus and protect your fellow parishioners.
    • More aerosol particles are spread when singing, we will take this step and not have singing.
  2. We will NOT have hymnals, prayer cards, bulletins, books, pamphlets, or loose handouts located in Church.
  3. Collection: There will not be a “formal” collection at Communion preparation time. Baskets will be set up near the Communion stations.
    • You may place your contributions in the baskets right before receiving Holy Communion.
    • Both 1st and 2nd Collections (if there is a 2nd Collection), can be placed in the Basket.
  4. Candles: There will NOT be a lighter located in the back of Church to light candles.
    • If you would like a candle lit for a special intention, please ask an usher for assistance.
  5. Book of the Sick: If you have a prayer intention that you would like us to pray for, there is an online Prayer Request form on our web site, found under the “Home” tab. You may also call the Parish office to add a name to the Prayer List.
    • *New: We will be adding the names each week to the bulletin.

At the Conclusion of Mass:

  1. Please follow the usher’s instructions.
    • They will be dismissing pew by pew so that we can eliminate gatherings and groups throughout the Church.
    • Please use the closest exit to your seat. Both side doors will be available for people to exit. We need to disinfect each pew at the conclusion of Mass and need plenty of time to do so.
    • If you are helping with disinfecting and have volunteered AHEAD of time, please see Mike in the vestibule closest to the Rectory side for your supplies.
    • Please avoid congregating in groups outside Church and remember it is important to keep Social Distancing.