April 22, 2024 –

What and Who.

SEEKERS is a 3-session series that provides an opportunity for people who feel spiritually disconnected in their relationship with the Catholic Church to ask questions, to seek answers in the hope of becoming reconnected. Format. SEEKERS focuses on questions that seekers bring with them and may also provide prompts from the Catechism to stimulate discussion on topics such as the desire for God, God’s loving Revelation, man’s response to God, and other topics. Our goal is to understand not only what the Catholic Church really teaches, but why.

When and Where.

Mondays 7:00–8:15 pm. 3 sessions:

  1. April 8: St. Jane Frances, school.
  2. April 22: Our Lady of the Chesapeake, church
  3. May 13: St. Jane Frances, school


“The Church’s invitation to seekers who want to discover a satisfying answer to their spiritual hungers… is rich: to seekers, old and new, and to those who might label themselves as alienated or indifferent, the Church offers Jesus Christ and his love, the fulfillment of hope.”

— U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, United States Catholic Catechism for Adults (2007) pp.6-7.

Invite those you know to come to SEEKERS! This is a “3-in-1” opportunity!