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Formation is life long. There is no such thing as graduating from learning about the Faith. For this reason, we offer Monthly Enrichment Time (or ME Time) for adults and families rather than simply offering a children’s program.

St. Jane Frances Monthly Enrichment Time FAQs

Why Monthly Enrichment Time?
By being baptized, we have become members of the Church. We no longer belong to ourselves, but to the one who died and rose for us, Jesus Christ. (CCC 1269) Whether we are young, old, single, married, divorced, widowed, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, son, daughter, or clergy—we all play a vital role in the life of our Parish Family.

How will the Monthly Enrichment Time (ME Time) work?
On a monthly basis, we will gather as a community in the school hall for prayer and snacks. Adults will remain in the hall for enrichment, while children will move to classrooms. Children will break up into age groups where catechists will engage in age appropriate lessons.

How will I know what to do with my family during the rest of the month?
Each family will go home with all the materials needed (aside from basic craft supplies) to continue the faith enrichment process at home. These materials will include outlines of the subject of the week and age appropriate activities for the children.

What if I don’t feel I know enough about my Faith?
ME Time is designed to help you, as the primary educators of your children, in the passing on of the Catholic Faith. Through monthly enrichment sessions, you will be given the tools, confidence, and knowledge needed to work through the subjects that will be covered at home each month. In addition, the Religious Ed coordinator will be available to meet with you and help you through any challenges you may encounter.

Will there be someplace for my pre-schooler(s) to go?
Yes! We will provide child care at no cost for children ages 1–4 so adults can focus on the enrichment topic.

What is the weekly time commitment expected for this program?
While adults may need to set aside some time to preview the material each week, the weekly enrichment sessions are designed to be done in an hour.

I don’t have children to enroll, can I still participate?
Yes! We invite all members of our parish family to attend ME Time sessions to enrich their faith.

What is the time frame for ME Time?
We’ll meet for light snacks and fellowship at 8:30am. At 8:45am, the kids will move to their classrooms. The speaker for adults will begin at 8:50am. Enrichment time will end at 9:50am, and we’ll go from the hall to the church for 10:00am Mass. This format frees up the other three Sundays of the month for your family.

Will there be a fee to participate in ME Time?
The fees for grades K–7 are $75 for 1 child and $150 for 2 or more children. This fee will cover snacks, speaker stipends, and teacher & family materials. For adults not enrolling children, but looking for enrichment, a free will offering basket will be available should you wish to help defray costs.

Does this affect Sacramental Preparation?
No. The diocesan guideline is that all children must be enrolled in, and attending, a faith formation program for one year prior to preparing for sacraments. Theref

Can homeschool and parish school families attend ME Time?
Yes! We welcome all SJF families who want to grow in their faith together.ore, all families with children in grades 1, 2, and 8 should be enrolled and attending ME Time.

My children are under age 5, but I want to brush up on my faith, can I attend?
Certainly. We provide child care so that you can enrich your own faith life before you begin formally working with your children.

What if my family is sick and can’t make it to ME Time?
Families agree to attend each of the monthly enrichment mornings. In an effort to keep every family involved, you will have access to video recordings of the presentation topics if you miss a session.

I am Catholic, but my spouse is not—is this open to all of us?
We absolutely invite and welcome non-Catholic spouses to participate in ME Time. This will assist in the understanding of and the handing on of the Catholic Faith to all of our children.

Can families who are not members of our parish participate?
ME Time will be offered to registered members of our parish.

How can I volunteer to help out with the program?
Contact the Religious Ed Office at 410- 255-4646 or to see how you can help. All volunteers must complete diocesan child protection certification.

We are always available to support adults and young people in the development of their faith.

When can I register?
Watch the bulletin, website, and facebook page for dates.

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