We want all to feel welcome when we arrive at our home. Those involved in our Greeters Ministry commit to providing that welcome. A smile, a handshake, an open door.  These are all ways to convey to everyone entering the church that they are welcome.

Chairperson –  Marie Griffiths

Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team organizes food at parish events and supports events for members of our parish to get to know each other, including periodic Fellowship Sundays as well as our annual picnic. For more information or to join the team, contact:

Chairperson –  Judy Bart


We are expanding! Our Hospitality Team is looking for various types of people:

  • those who like to work quietly in the background
  • those who like to coordinate
  • those who like to shop
  • those who enjoy meeting new people!

If you have any of these qualities and would like to learn more, please contact Melissa Boyle at



In addition to their duties as greeters, ushers also assist in seating those assembled for Liturgy, attending to the needs of the disabled, placing the gifts of bread and wine in their proper places before Mass, asking members of the assembly to bring forth the gifts at the Offertory, keeping the worship space free of clutter, taking up monetary collections, assisting the handicapped in receiving Holy Communion, facilitating the Communion procession, and offering the parish bulletin to the faithful as they exit the church.

Chairperson –  Mike Dunn