Walking With Purpose

The modern woman’s guide to the Bible.

Have you ever considered that your day-to-day struggles are, at their core, timeless and universal? Though your challenges are deeply personal, they are also deeply human, and God has provided workable solutions for you through the teachings of Christ and the Roman Catholic Church.

Walking with Purpose would like to help you enjoy a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ, nurtured through personal Bible study and small group discussions created just for women.

Walking with Purpose (WWP) is a women’s Scripture-based, Catholic faith-sharing group that aims to deepen women’s relationships with Jesus Christ. The program offers personal study and small group discussions that link everyday challenges and struggles with the teachings of Christ and the Church.

Do you often have these questions?

  • Are you a woman seeking a safe place to spiritually grow?
  • Do you feel pulled in many directions?
  • Have you sat at Mass, wondering what it has to do with you, personally?
  • Would you like to connect and have deeper relationships with other women from our community?
  • Is it difficult to manage all of the details thrown your way?
  • Do your children ask you questions about Mass, scripture, or your faith, and you struggle for answers?
  • Are you stretched in so many directions and need a way to refuel and be refreshed?
  • Have you ever wondered: “Isn’t there more to life than this? Why am I here? What is my purpose?”

Join Us!

Please join us for a taste of Walking with Purpose on Saturday, Nov. 16 from 9:30–11:00am in the SJF Parish Hall as we explore four foundational steps that we need to take if we desire to live purposefully. Growing in these areas is a lifelong pursuit, but there’s no better time to begin than now! No experience necessary, just come as you are for some coffee and a chance to see what Walking with Purpose is all about.

WWP Prayer Card


Walking with Purpose sessions will be held on Monday evenings, 7–8:30pm and Saturday mornings from 10:00–11:30am (location and session dates on PDF handout). We have purchased books for the first 30 registrants ($30), after that, books can be purchased on the walking with Purpose website. If you would like to watch intro videos to WWP, please visit: www.walkingwithpurpose.com


Cost for Materials is $30 (includes all supplies)
For more information and RSVP for 11/16, contact Melissa Boyle at 410-255-4646 or use the form below.


St. Jane Frances Parish Center (or Hall for larger group coffee sessions)
8513 St. Jane Drive
Pasadena, MD 21122

If you need a ride to Walking With Purpose, please call the office at 410-255-4646 and leave your name and contact information.