The parish cookbooks have arrived! If you pre-ordered a copy, please come to the Parish office Monday thru Friday 9am-4pm to pick yours up.

Additional copies were ordered. If you did not pre-order, please call the parish office to purchase a copy. Thank you!

The cookbooks will include:

  • Over 175 Recipes from Parishioners
  • Recipes from Fr. Carl and his family
  • A Maryland Specialty section
  • Pictures from the “Old Church”
  • Recipes include: Side dishes, desserts, main dishes, breads, and more.

Cookbooks will be sold for $15.00 each.

To place an order: return the form in the July 11 bulletin or complete an online order form. When books arrive you will get a call or email from the Parish Office. We are looking at least a 6-week turn around period for delivery.

Do you have a favorite recipe? Is there a family recipe that you can share that everyone enjoys?
St. Jane Frances de Chantal Church is celebrating our 75th Anniversary by publishing a cookbook of our parishioners’ favorite recipes! From now until about July, we will be compiling recipes so that during our 75th year, we will have the book available to buy. We are seeking recipes for Appetizers, Desserts, Main Dishes, Maryland Specialty, and Soup/Salad. Please consider sharing a recipe or two or three.

What a great memento to have!

Simply fill out the form found in the bulletin and mail it back to the Parish Office or submit your recipe(s) using the form below. Thank you!