Men's Group: Rediscovering Christmas

Video series by Dr. Edmund Mazza

Dates: Nov. 23, 30; Dec. 7 & 14
Time: 7:00pm
Location: St. Jane Frances school library

In this 4-talk set, Dr. Edmund Mazza makes sense of Scripture, Tradition, and history to reveal startling insights from an astounding array of serious sources in an engaging and entertaining way. From Old Testament prophecies to modern discoveries of astronomy and archaeology, you will gain a profound understanding of the true meaning of Christ’s birth.

Dr. Edmund Mazza is the rare university professor who is both humble and courageous enough to challenge the assumptions of secular scholarship so as to uncover the true meaning of Christmas in the context of earthly history.

Our Men’s Ministry is a place for all men 18 and older to meet and build community where they can belong to a group of Christian men with similar beliefs and bear witness to the grace and mercy of God. Please consider this great opportunity and join us!

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